2018 Brazil STM 巴西短宣 Day 8 2018-08-16

Team Nova Iguaçu: visited Caxias and PTL one person committed to Christ! We took Uber there and the bus back. We had Bible study on Christian characters.

Team Niteroi: visited Niteroi. Hallelujah 3 people came to Christ! We had Bible study in the evening.

Nova Iguaçu 分隊:乘 Uber 往 Caxias 探訪,感謝神有一位信主!乘公車回教會,晚上聚會是查經。

Niteroi 分隊:到 Niteroi 探訪,讚美主,有三位決志信主!晚上聚會查經。